SmartClone™ - Tougher plantlets faster

The highly effective SmartClone™ propagation system will quickly and economically deliver robust clones of select parent material. SmartClone™ is a critical technique to improving throughput and plantlet quality and consistency that has been shown to provide benefits not only in the tissue culture facility but in the nursery and field as well.

In principle, when fully developed for target species, the SmartClone™ system can reduce labour costs by a five-fold factor for many plants compared to conventional tissue-culture methods, and sometimes even more. This then allows large-scale cloning of species for which higher prices would not be commercially acceptable, including, for example, some forestry species for pulpwood. NuPlant’sSmartClone™ technologies enable the efficient use of tissue culture facilities, improve labour efficiency, and potentially expand the base of plants for which tissue culture techniques can become economically viable while delivering materials of a high and consistent quality.

Clonal propagation can be easy for some species, without the need for the extra flexibility and control of the SmartClone™ system. NuPlant technologies can be applied where they make the maximum impact. NuPlant personnel are available to consult clients with respect to the optimal set of NuPlant technologies to maximize efficient and effective propagation systems to suit clients’ needs.


SmartClone™ - Tougher plantlets faster

SmartClone™ changes the tissue culture paradigm. NuPlant’s key technology allows conditions to be customized for each growth phase for more robust plantlets, grading for uniformity, robotic handling for laboratory efficiency, easy soil transfer, and a head start for accelerated nursery growth.