NuPlant believes in having the best people


Bob Teasdale, Chairman and Managing Director

Bob Teasdale has 30 years of experience improving woody plants. This has included leading teams that successfully produced the first saturated genetic maps of a range of species including temperate and tropical pines, eucalypts, and grapes; made key advances in the molecular biology of flowering in trees; and developed robotic systems for propagating plants. He is also a past-President of the Australian Society for Plant Physiologists, the leading plant science society in Australia. Bob leads the scientific research on propagation systems of NuPlant’s target species.

Paul Kinnon, Non-Executive Director

Paul is based in Cambridge and is a veteran with more than 20 years of global leadership experience in innovative life science and diagnostics companies. He was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Predictimmune Ltd in April 2018, and was previously (from September 2013) President and CEO of Transgenomic. Between January and August, 2013, he provided consulting services to the life science sector as a Partner at Arch Global Research. In this role, Paul conducted comprehensive strategic reviews of a number of life science companies. His prior experience includes President, CEO and a Director of ZyGEM Corp (January 2007 to December 2012); Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances, then Vice President & General Manager Environmental Diagnostics, at Invitrogen (October, 2004 until June, 2007); Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Guava Technologies Inc (January 2003 to October 2004). Previously he wasVice President, Sales following a stint as European Manager at Cellomics Inc (1999 to 2003); and Sales & Marketing Director at Porvair Sciences Ltd (1996 to 1999). Earlier he held marketing and sales positions of increasing responsibility in a number of technology-based companies. He began his career as an analytical chemist at a predecessor company of GlaxoSmithKline.

Howard Moore, Non-Executive Director

Howard is a life sciences entrepreneur who had a long career in the NZ dairy initiatives that have left their mark on the New Zealand dairy industry. Howard led a team that developed a world class standard costing system that drove cost savings and restructuring in the New Zealand dairy industry. He also championed the application of biotechnology in the New Zealand dairy industry leading to the establishment of ViaLactia, a dairy industry focused biotechnology company that created significant value for the New Zealand dairy industry. Subsequently Howard co-founded a biotechnology company, Tercica, that developed a drug and went on to an IPO with listing on NASDAQ. Howard returned to New Zealand where he joined BioPacific Management in 2004, and with colleagues established BioPacificVentures (BPV), a health, wellness and nutrition focused venture capital fund. More recently Howard was CEO of Auckland based immunodiagnostic company Pictor Ltd.

Howard has a Bachelor of Food Technology from Massey University and is a Fellow of the NZ institute of Food Science and Technology.


SmartClone™ - Tougher plantlets faster

SmartClone™ changes the tissue culture paradigm. NuPlant’s key technology allows conditions to be customized for each growth phase for more robust plantlets, grading for uniformity, robotic handling for laboratory efficiency, easy soil transfer, and a head start for accelerated nursery growth.